Tuesday, 27 September 2016


Kp - not kitchen patrol - varied enough to keep me up until 1:30am with another session around 4:30am. There might be something - but I did not risk waking Vicki!


Looks cloudy at 23:45 - or -

What is that low greenish patch ?

Certainly not there at 00:53 -

Some people were in hibernation, others in denial!

W O B - certainly!

Monday, 26 September 2016

Rainbows over Tudhope

It rained today, 15C, wet and windy - gusty too. However, around 6pm there were some rays of sunshine and I ventured out to see the low lighting:

And now I learn that there is a faint possibility to see aurora this night - will stay up for awhile and see if there is a second pot of gold in Couch.


Friday, 23 September 2016

Encounters of the third kind continued

There has been a cormoran in Brewery Bay/Leacock for a couple of weeks - don't know if it is always the same one. Since the other birds don't usually react to me I assume the cormoran adopted a similar strategy and saved energy.

Made me happy.


There is a Kormoran in my cayak

I took nearly 170 images in 17 minutes of a cormoran swimming/fishing around my kayak. It was sometimes only a meter or so away, sometimes up to 20m. It was free to come and go as it pleased. I have never fed any bird other than with a winter bird feeder. The behavior was unusual but did not appear to change over the 20 minutes that it chose my vicinity, I suspect from its trusting nature that it was a young bird with no bad experince - and I wonder whether I have done it a favour by being "nice" when its next experience might be its last. I talked with it in the hope that maybe next year if it returns I will again be tolerated/accepted.

The following is a subset of the images taken toward the end of the encounter showing how close the cormoran swam near the kayak.

The water was very shallow - less than 50cm. No shortage of fish.


Thursday, 22 September 2016

Scenes from my kayak - a week later but still drifting around Leacock

I am back from being away! 6 days and 600 images from the far east - Gatineau PQ

That will not be posted as a diary for a long time. Many memories.

No. Today I wish to begin sharing some rather poignant encounters I had with birds that had a choice to share space with me as I drifted around in a contemplative mood. This is becoming an issue with me and yesterday I read that one's behavior very much depended on the language one was using. For nearly 40 formative years I spoke German from the outside. Now for the past 6 years I have been speaking English but again from the outside of a society that I have trouble recognizing after being away from Ontario so long. If anyone is interested, the article is from Scientific American.

This bird "stood out" yesterday. She is a kingfisher, rather striking.

Looks almost like a flag, doesn't she.
I just sat back and let the kayak drift slowly toward her. We both had the patience of fisherfolk.

The next encounter was with a pair of mergansers. Last week there were 3, this week 2 that I could see. I am dressed the same - yellow life preserver or PFD or something, despicable Tilly hat that I really ought to wash before it strangles me in an act of self protection. (Thanks, Jens, for showing me "Despicable Me" to keep me awake after an overnight flight in Nov 2014!)

Note that the birds swim about, climb on a rock and preen without any regard for me. I like being accepted as a bump on a log as it were.

This sequence was interrupted by an encounter of the 3rd kind which I may post at another time - I should have videoed it because I don't think that this behavior is all that common - for me unique, but that need not mean much.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Scenes from my kayak - close to Leacock

I am going to take a pause for a little while. Thought I would leave you with some more impressions from yesterday. ( I was also out today and took about 100 so don't worry about lack of material!)

I think that this animal is a mink form its initial size and behavior but one image looks like a bigger animal? What do you think?

Then some mergansers -OK:

I will be away for awhile!

The following character spent quite some time with me - I eventually left because he wasn't going to catch much from its perch - on the other hand it was pleasantly warm:

Hope all the snow birds do as well.