Friday, 24 March 2017

Water - the visible flow of time

The thought of water didn't leave me alone today. Actually every day ought to be water day. Life on earth goes back approx 4,000 million years and so does "our" association with water.

Yesterday, my images were all "down stream" from me - the flow of time, and life. Today another life flowed away, someone who has known me all my life. I thought maybe I would look upstream before turning in tonight. Maybe upstream is more optimistic? A promise of times to come?

At first the Creek is difficult to make out.

Can you see where the beaver were active?

And then just when we want to wade into our thoughts we meet a 3-strand barbed wire fence!

Anchored on the left:
And on the right:

We might get tangled in the fence - but not time, not winter, not water

A wonderful full life. Thank you - Bill

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Yesterday/Wednesday was "WATER DAY"

I received letters about "water day" last week and wondered about making an entry.
I have so many water-oriented thoughts that I have been in a dream-land recalling them. A holiday without water is hardly a vacation - it needs to be many days longer than a couple of hours on the water in a canoe or kayak.

On Tuesday Vicki and I measured the great water quality on "our" stream and I spent several hours just looking at its clean clear water flow by me, occasionally punctuated by a flow of ice.

Here are some of my pictorial thoughts from some very pleasant moments at peace with myself, Nature, and the world:

May it flow so cleanly all the way to the sea, some 2000km away - W O B

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Mink 73 to 1

If I had "shot" the animal it would be gone; however, if I photograph it 73 times in 57 minutes it is still there for you to enjoy. So that is why I prefer photography to guns. Over an hour time interval one begins to recognize some of the character of the mink - only one. Ellie had alerted me to the possibilities earlier. And so I was looking for tracks of anything along the stream.

I think these are old, sublimated snow, wind erosion, not crisp clear clean tracks just at the bridge, upstream side. I took these about 16:19 and then crossed the road to take the next one - not my first mink shot, but the first of the following sequence at 16:21

This caisson is camera 4m away from "the road" with a ditch, now nearly dry, between us.

The mink climbed up and proceeded to look out and listen. I was down wind and quiet  except for the camera shutter. It was windy and I moved about a little - put my hat under my arm because it threatened to blow off. The mink, I think, observed me but from the fact it went hunting, implies I was not of concern to it.

It then went back to the ground:

And was apparently successful. On site, I thought it was transferring a baby. However, at home, I think it caught a mole - can you see a clawed foot?

These last shots were on the run and somewhat closer to me - I'll try to do better next time!


Tuesday, 21 March 2017

McGee Creek: Mink and Eagles

Vicki and I measured water quality  - very good - at the bridge over McGee Creek today. We did it at +10C air temp, +2.5C water temp, before the snow came and -15C or some rumour!

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted some "unnatural" water ripples down stream and then came a rare moment of the "third kind" when a mink came into view. We were together, about 4m apart, for 30 minutes or so. Here are a few impressions.

Good hunting.

Enough for tonight.


Tuesday, 14 March 2017

At odds on even

I did 3 workouts yesterday  - skied in the morning on Couch, in the afternoon on the rail (and saw a snowmobile) and then did 65 min on dreadmill. Today I actually ran (bin gelaufen: Jörg, Volker) und
dann: 10 min @ bike, dread, strider, dread, und bike!

So ... the new submissions did not get sent by 10pm - snow storm at Cornell? and here are some "scapes" to work off some tension - and Leaf loss:

I ran into the wind on the lake and returned with virtually no wind. Felt good.

Have a good night/day  -  W O B