Thursday, 27 October 2016

Memories I - Down memory lane #5 and Bass Lake SR

This idea came to me last Wednesday, on our way back from a Green Belt meeting in Midhurst, on our way to McGee Creek. We detoured on Line 5 north off Old Barrie Road  -

Turning slowly right/eastward -

 Further right and up -

Whoops - time to get moving!

How about biking?

Can you imagine a gas (air is a gas) station for bicycles? Great system of off-road trails.

That was the detour - I took over 240 photos that afternoon, including dragons and butters, sparrows and turkeys - and we did some water testing. More later, maybe - it is still snowing!


Memories - II

How can I have "II" when I have not posted "I" yet? Well, I have my thoughts on this and decided to delay the first entry closer to another entry which ought to appear around Monday - in response to a comment from a friend to the previous blog on the dark universe.

This morning, right on weathernet schedule, it began to snow - not much, just enough to recall that in 2010 we had - here - 10cm snow at the beginning of November and 10C plus by the end of November. And 2 winters ago - Jan.Feb 2014 - I could ski on top of the picnic tables in the park and pretend to ski jump from the table - German joke: the bottom of a ski jump is called a "Tisch" or table -

Sorry about the rotation. - So that was Tue Feb 25, 2014.

And today?

It may be awhile before I ski - but I remember how - still !!!


Friday, 21 October 2016

The Dark Universe

The Scout Report today includes a direct link to free access supplement on

The Dark Universe

We "see" only 4.9% of what we've got.

From "The Scout Report":

5. Nature Outlook: The Dark Universe

The international science journal Nature routinely publishes Nature
Outlook, a supplemental series in which topics of scientific, clinical, or
societal interest are explored in depth. These Outlooks provide a
comprehensive picture of the current "state of knowledge" on the selected
theme. For instance, this Outlook from September 2016 explores the ever
elusive topic of The Dark Universe. As the authors note, "Most of the
cosmos is the dark universe, a mix of dark matter and dark energy." Readers
have access to seven articles written by science journalists and scholars
on the topic, as well as Related Articles and informative Animations. The
content here is best suited for readers with a basic understanding of
physics; if used as an educational resource, the articles and animations
may be most beneficial for college or advanced secondary students. Readers
interested in exploring more Nature Outlook topics may select the See all
supplements link at the top of the page. [CDR]

If you'd like to know how the Internet Scout team selects resources for
inclusion in the Scout Report, visit our Selection Criteria page at:

For more information on all services of Internet Scout, please
visit our Website:

The Scout Report on the Web:
Current issue:
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Feedback is always welcome:


I have been a subscriber for 22 years via the "PAM" librarian association. I made an entry back on September 28 on "Cosmology" which ought to contain the same material but perhaps this presents a better access.


Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Lymes Disease and "arthritis"

Many of you may know that I had Lymes Disease

NATURE via Scientific American have published an interesting study of "Willy Burgdorfer's" research. It covers some microbiology and the recent developments that lead to his retirement. Similar situation to big astronomy today. 


Monday, 17 October 2016

Thunder and lightning, very very frightening

Dinning out?

Some hail on the table on the balcony.

Can you see the splashes? The last was a flash - so is the next:

Some hail but mostly large rain drops. They are washing out autumn colours:

That is streaky rain at 1/50sec, ISO 3200.

The next 2 are of the same scene - first with flash:

That is the outline of what we call the "double" tree. The next is a grey scale shot with "waterfalls" from the floors above us pouring by on the left and right sides:

The storm didn't do us any damage but apparently on CBC a roof collapsed on an Orillia building - in Collingwood! - have not been able to verify this. In another enty I'll show you what some birds were doing.


Old Marsh forest colours

In the last entry, 1st photo one could see the colourful trees at the edge. Here are some more - better take your insulin, these shots mostly just reduced in size, are often too much even more a maple syrup lover like myself.

Amazing colour, amazing weather, another day of Thanksgiving.
Oh, and by the way: why do leaves change colour?


Sunday, 16 October 2016

Bala Cranberry Festival

Yesterday we went to the Johnston's Cranberry marshes just outside Bala as part of the annual cranberry festival. The weather was perfect: plus 20sC, light breeze, and very sunny.

We began with a walk around the old marsh -
There are cranberries in the foreground:

If you go to the link at the top you may learn how irrigation is used.

After some cranberry drink and sausage we explored the south marsh which was being harvested:

Lots of colour - humans trying to copy nature -

Hard to compete with cranberries: