Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Observing with WOB on Sunday

It was quite a learning curve for me on Sunday. I did observe some patterns:

These have conventional interpretations.

Then there was the porcupine:

- some might say a squirrels' nest, maybe.

And the the great owl:

with the wind ruffling its "feathers" - maybe another squirrels'  nest or drey, maybe a wasps'.

Like this one:

Where would we be without all these apps?

But I still cannot track!!


Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Into every life must fall

And the only thing I ever did wrong was to save her from the foggy, foggy dew:

The weathernetr showed +11C but the balcony thermo "only" showed:

I rotated the drops through 180 degrees to make 3 tiny lenses.

The fog didn't really look like this:

Just playing.


Sunday, 18 February 2018

Old Dog, new trick

I have seen these so often that I think now I should retire my title of being an observer! It started this way, this morning.

Evidently, some old dogs get lost, sad.

There was a light dusting of snow this morning. And on our walk, I saw, several saw the grey-black dust on the snow. Only I thought that it was from a dirty atmosphere. Instead, Carol took out her magnifying glass and looked at - snow fleas or Springtails, technically not insects! - beyond me.

These animals are alive - one burrowed out of sight while I was trying to focus on it. They are quite small, but very very numerous - as black specks on white snow. I have seen this "phenomenon" many times without "thinking" twice about it. However, they have a bag of tricks and are scientifically/medically very interesting. My bias and prejudice exposed for me to see myself.


a wiser old bird! (maybe?)

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Trumpeters at Washago

We were back at Washago yesterday - what a contrast to Sat Jan 20 -   
 where there had been 100 Trumpeter swans, there were now maybe 10; we saw 8 and there were Trumpeters out of sight, 1 or 2.

We saw 3 fly in about 30 minutes before sunset (17:46) :

There was 1 Goldeneye:

And several Mallards:

I guess that the mild weather has allowed the birds to disperse more.


Monday, 12 February 2018

you will automatically prefer the one with the creamy bokeh

That is what the good web said! Actually, it was quite early for me; the sun had riz, I wondered where the birdy iz. So I grabbed my camera, put on my slippers, and went out on balcony feeling "unlike" -12C in the wind and PJs - just for you, Anne, just for you:

I did not have my glasses on and could still see the cardinal. I had not had any coffee - yet; since been alleviated. Virtual reality. Spring will follow! (I hope)


Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Interior Decoration

My sister and brother-in-law decorated their home after more than 5 decades and 3 generations growing up there. One of my fondest memories is their dog nose to nose with our daughter one Christmas more than 40 years ago. (A good recommendation of love and friendship.) So Monday evening I sat thoughtfully at the dinning room table and contemplated light and form.

This is maybe the usual way, and then off-centre to be "read" from left to right and top to bottom. But it does not have to be so:

Nothing will fall out! I liked the texture at the base, so:

And other objects of interest, smooth on rough:

Same spoon and table cloth but with a change in the definition of white.

I also played with brightness and contrast:

I also played with the light fixture which was just about 40cm above these objects . I shall leave them for another occasion, maybe. So the viking exhibit was very stimulating.


Some usual unusual perspectives at the Royal Ontario Museum

After visiting the Royal Ontario Museum's Viking Exhibition, I looked around me and "saw" the usual objects from a new perspective - like these chairs outside the cafeteria:

The chairs are "reflective" and their unusual forms make it challenging to sort out purpose from the lines, surfaces, and colour. And then there is this corner of a wall:

So far just horizonal. However, while drinking a coffee I looked at the pipes in the ceiling. The photos are from just one exposure but with different contrast:

So a museum of modern art, if one chooses to look for it.