Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Melting Winter

Before I met the Cardinal on my walk on Sunday, I walked along the old CN station platform and was taken by this flow of melting snow from the station roof.

The drops landed on glazed tiles making quite a visual impact:

There were several areas where the drops splashed:

Each different even from drop to drop:


A Question

I went for a walk accompanied by this solo artist.

Does this count as having attended "church"?


Sunday, 22 April 2018

Sue Coleman tribute

It was June 1999 when I walked into a book shop in Victoria, British Columbia.

The book was called "Sue Coleman" photo "Artist at Large Along The South Coast of Alaska"

The photo attracted my attention - pictograph of an otter in the First Nation - West Coast "style", too vague, I recognize, but I do not have the names - above her painting of an otter eating a sea urchin.

So yesterday, when I was walking along the shore near Stephen Leacock's home, I saw a scene

that brought back those memories:

And now to be able to paint the emotion, in water colours, on a cruise ship to Alaska.

Inspiration - and a lot of perspiration!


Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Its a ill wind that blows no good.

The images on Monday were taken on Sunday. The images below were taken yesterday at various times. Let me start with the blowing wind bending an icicle; the warm air then caused it to melt, at times continuously - redirected rain, actually:

So much for the idea of wind - what about the "no good"?
Well, in the afternoon, Vicki persuaded me to work to work out down stairs. Around 2:30pm. I thought about taking the camera but decided against it.  We were just 10 minutes into our exercises when I saw thes 2 Canada geese flying low over the ice on the still frozen part of Lake Couchiching with a largish bird ahead of them landing on the ice. Maybe 150m away from us, looking like a Snowy Owl. I continued to work out because the Law of Nature and Camera-shy Bears states that this bird will fly away when I try to take a photo. However, as I neared my finish and the bird had not moved, I decided ... to go get the camera.

Not taking any chances I took the first shot from the balcony:

You have seen these branches in other blog entries - sometimes framing a boat, sometimes a kite or wind surfer. (Arni, clever how I arranged the branches to frame the owl - I learned this from you!)

With one Owl in the bag, I went down stairs and outside in my bare feet to see if I could manage a closer image. I might wish now to have a bigger and better "Canon" as well as my "Canon" insulating coffee cup! Or have NF here to take the proxy. My feet were beginning to hurt from the buildup of snow between my soles and my clogs.

I then went inside to capture the initial views we had from the fitness room - the treadmill view:

and then the closeups between the trees:

So nature comes to those who stand and wait.

W O Birrd

Monday, 16 April 2018

What is white and liquid? And wheel-spinning allover?

I have just been onto the balcony to try to find the Cardinal I could hear singing. It is raining ice pellets, and the icicle is melting - sounds like "Summer time and the ..."

Then I saw I had made my "mark":

and I recalled a song, a Chritmas carol, "Heat was in the very sod which the saint had printed"
and thought I would pass along some history/tradition on this dismal day.

All hope is not lost. At 3am this pair of lamps from Rock Lake, 2012, were still shining:

Quite impressive for operating without any direct sunlight for more than 6 months. (And there was more snow on them at 3AM than now at 10AM.


Sunday, 15 April 2018

More Impressions

I have tried to capture motion and temperature - wind chill. Was I successful?

Wise Old Birrrrd

Saturday, 14 April 2018

April, April, can't stand that ...

This is maybe unexpected this morning, -4C and snow since 5:06 AM prayers.

Snow on the yule log, but nothing on the Rock Lake fairy lights. There is clear and present danger.

And there were signs of the yeti:

And the wind, the wind chill and the drifting snow:

I was out here in bare feet and shorts, short-sleeved T-shirt ...

Winter Storm Warning
Significant snow with ice pellets continuing today into tonight. Freezing rain Guess I won't put the picnic table together just yet.

W O B - as in its chilly!

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Moon, Venus, Mercury on Monday March 19

I came back on the Monday because I had failed to expose sufficiently long to pick up the reflected light from the Earth to the Moon and back. If I expose to see the craters I get this:

Exposing longer:
And longer still:

And now the skyscape to show how far the moon has moved in 24 hours:

and then a detail of Venus lower left of Mercury:

All this happened in March nearly a month ago. Sorry for the delay.


Sun and Moon and Venus and Mercury

I was reminded tonight at the camera club that I had not completed night sessions from Sunday March 18th

There were 7 of us on Saturday, 3 on Sunday Mar 18, 1/me on Monday Mar 19 and 3 on Tue Mar 20 (this time with no camera).

Here is what the sky looked like on Sunday March 18:

The moon was difficult to see at first.

Matching exposures to pick up all three:

 Moon lower left,                                   Venus centre                    and Mercury between the red lines

To show how rapidly the moon moves relative to the line Venus - Mercury, I took some images from the earthobservatory blog: as seen from Spain 6 hours earlier:

by Annie Lewis in Madrid.

From Lakeland Florida:

by Michael Holland.

Mine when the moon was 34h 57m old:

The angle to the horizton is a function of the latitude of the observer - I was further north than Michael Holland in Florida.

And finally from Mike Morrison in Seattle Washington, approx 3 hours later:

So the moon does move!